Vans insulation

The transport of goods at controlled temperatures is a delicate operation that requires maximum efficiency: Anxaiso isothermal vans are perfect for every type of need.

ATP certificates

The ATP certificate, part of the European agreement ratified in 1970 for the transport of perishable goods at controlled temperatures, is the basic document to be able to travel with these vehicles. Anxaiso offers the ATP certificate issue and renewal service to allow you to travel in total safety.

Refrigerator van overhaul

Buying an insulated van or insulating an existing van is not enough: maintenance is essential. By relying on our safe travel team, always.

Foreign ATP nationalization

To import a vehicle while maintaining any ATP certification, the nationalization of the certificate is required. With Anxaiso you can nationalize the ATP certification with all the fundamental data relating to isothermal in our country.

Repair of refrigeration systems

By choosing Anxaiso you enter a family: we will be by your side at all times, offering you assistance, maintenance and repairs in case of breakdown or problems of a different nature to your system.

Consulting services

In the world of insulation for vans it is necessary to know, to have mastery of what you do. Anxaiso makes available its know-how acquired in 50 years, and does so with a consultancy service on expired ATP certificates, insulated used vehicles or to be insulated and foreign vehicles.

You can't afford to go wrong

A work of art

Relying on insulation tailors can never be a mistake: our team solves your every need and supports you on all the processes concerning the isothermal system of a vehicle, both in terms of repairs and in terms of insulation from scratch, making loaded with the bureaucratic part that will allow you to move freely and safely.

Services on estimate


Insulated vans every year

Our daily work allows us to deliver to our customers an average of about 10 insulated vehicles every month with maximum efficiency, effectiveness and safety: factors worthy of a tailor-made job.


Satisfied customers

The satisfaction of our customers is the best reward, and this is what has been happening constantly for 40 years to those who choose to rely on the Anxaiso team of professionals, leaving the vehicle in excellent hands in a present and future way.


Annual ATP releases or renewals

The release and renewal of ATP certificates are simply essential for the transport of perishable goods: our customers know this well, so they periodically rely on us to have zero risk in their work.