For three generations
insulation professionals

The power of passion

The art handed down from generation to generation has given life over the years to a unique, effective and consolidated working process. The secret? A staff in love with their work.

A know-how resulting from experience

We are all-round professionals in the field of certified mobile refrigeration: those who pass by us rely on safe hands, because the insulation is a handmade and made-to-measure suit.

Who we are

Anxa like Lanciano, Iso like isothermal: a point of reference for the territory

We strongly believe in our territory, in our roots, in the ancient city of Anxanum. We put passion into what we do, we believe that people are the backbone of Anxaiso, a company now in its third generation, always with vehicle isothermal at the center, with an eye to innovation and partners in each area. .

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What do we do

Tailors of insulation since 1972: each van is a unique piece

Insulating an isothermal van may seem like a massive, large-scale mechanical process. Not so: the thermal insulation process requires professionalism, talent, people. The Anxaiso process does not involve machines, but the hands of those we love to call insulation tailors. Zero impact tailors.

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Why Anxaiso
“We love to get involved, fully aware of our being different. We are confident that with experience accompanied by innovation we will reach even greater goals, writing new pages in a history that is almost half a century long ".

⸺ Anastasia – CEO

Anxaiso values

Our roots show us the way and suggest a very specific mission and vision, capable of encompassing our values, our goals, our work handed down from generation to generation to generation with the courage of those who know and want to dare.


Present and future guided by experience and innovation: the Anxaiso team represents all this, with the awareness of a different, winning work process and know-how.


The third generation that gets involved is not gambling, but the strength capable of implementing a series of activities that make this company even more efficient, sustainable and aware of its means.